Timber Garages

Timber Garages

Unlike brick, block or concrete, a Passmores timber garage is inherently free of condensation, has natural insulation and is easily heated to provide the very best in vehicle storage throughout the year.

A wooden garage from Passmores is attractive to look at, environmentally responsible and excellent value for money.

Our traditional free standing wooden garages are available in 30 standard sizes from 4.8m x 3.0m (16' x 10') to 7.2m x 7.2m (24' x 24') so there's bound to be a building that's right for you.

Every timber garage that we manufacture can be specified with a 22' pitch boarded and felted roof or with a steeper pitch to suit conventional tiles or slates. Typical roof pitch for slates and interlocking concrete tiles is 25'- 30' and 35' for plain tiles (maximum pitch on 7.2m (24') span is 30').

For something a bit out of the ordinary please email us a sketch of your requirements and we will be delighted to provide a quotation.

For help and advice on designing the right garage for you please call us on 01634 290033.

Felt Roof Garages

Tiled Roof Garages