Location: Guildford, Surrey

Timber buildings purchased: The customers requested a custom build that consisted of a two-bay carriage house, an attached garage, and an attached studio that was converted into a home workshop. 


This Guildford timber garage building is an excellent example of the high levels of finish you can expect from Passmores. This couple downsized their large home to a small two-bedroom cottage once their children had moved out. The move drastically lessened their storage space, and they needed an elegant solution. They decided to have a custom timber building made for them that could serve as not only a carriage house for their cars, but a storage space using a timber garage and an office space turned spare bedroom.


We installed this specific timber building over ten years ago, which is why the windows are wooden. Nowadays, we install PVC windows that can be customised to match the aesthetic our clients are looking for. You will note that the natural slate roof of the timber building was created to match the cottage, as this timber garage was in a sensitive location and had to be built to match council standards. 

This timber garage building really highlights the ways in which you can customise your timber buildings from Passmores and truly make them your own. We installed the building and fitted the roof, and the customers fitted wooden floors, insulation and decorated the interior. The sky is the limit when you choose Passmores for your timber garage.