Prefabricated DIY Timber Garage Kits

Prefabricated DIY Timber Garage Kits

Prefabricated Timber Garage Kits

Prefabricated Timber Garage Kits

Self-Build Timber Frame Prefab Garage, Carports & Carriage House Kits

Prefab DIY Modular Timber Garage Kits Made in UK

Passmores Prefab Timber Garage Kits 100 Year Anniversary

D.I.Y prefab garage builds have become popular in the current climate because so many people are spending more time in their houses and want to add value to them. For the more skilled enthusiast (or for your local builder), our self-build Timber Framed Garages, Car Ports and Carriage House Kits could be the perfect way to invest in your property and provide a great place to escape at weekends.

Our flat-pack ready-made timber kits enable you to easily build your own high-quality outbuilding. Whether you choose to build your own wooden garage, carriage house (also called cart lodges), or open barn, it will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of, and add value to, your home. We deliver our car garage kits (prefabricated at our workshop in Kent) throughout the UK and into Europe. Each modular kits arrives 100% complete with the timber frame, panels and all the fixtures and fittings you need, right down to the last nut and bolt.

Ready Made Prefab Timber Frame Modular Garage Kits

Types of self-assembly prefab garage kits

Our easy self-build garage outbuilding kits are flexible and can be specified according to your requirements. Whilst they are prefabricated in terms of design, they can be customised as follows;

  • a prefab single, large double garage or triple bay wooden garage
  • to have a felt roof or be made to accommodate slates or tiles
  • to have wooden side-hung doors
  • to have metal up-and-over doors
  • to have a window
  • to have a pedestrian door


Types of self-assembly prefab timber frame carriage houses

As with our prefab garage kits, our build your own carriage house and open barn kits (also called allow you to customise your order as you go along. You can decide on many options, including; 

  • a single, double or triple bay carriage house kits
  • extra space for a log store or attached garage
  • a garage with extra capacity for a car workshop

Each delivered carriage house kit contains detailed assembly instructions to help guide you through every stage of the build and an itemised list of components so you can easily identify each one.

Easy Build Prefab Timber Framed Single Garage Kits

Prefab Timber Garage Kit Size Options

There are different size timber outbuildings in our prefab kits range, starting at 4.8m x 3.0m and going up to 7.2m x 7.2m. If you’re after a larger garage or have a non-standard layout please talk to us. We are able to accommodate most requests. When planning your self-build timber garage, try to allow at least 1m space around the garage for maintenance.

Don’t forget that buildings close to a boundary or in front of the principal elevation of your house will need planning permission and possibly building regulations approval as well. Always check the rules that apply with your particular local authority before investing in a build your own garage kit.

You can choose the size of prefabricated garage kit you need and price it up, using our garage and carriage house kit calculators below. Please note that the term carriage house is interachangeable with carports. 

So what are you waiting for? Start your DIY garage build project today.  

Passmores Prefab Garage Kit Prices

DESIGN YOUR OWN Carriage House

Create your own Carriage House in just 5 minutes

Build It

Create your own timber garage in just 5 minutes

Build It

What is included with your prefabricated self build garage or carriage house kit?

Our modular timber frame kits include every item required to build your own garage. They have been carefully prefabricated to exacting designs at our UK manufacturing centre, and include:

  • Step-by-step assembly instructions and comprehensive spares are supplied with each garage or carriage house kit.
  • The timber frame and panels are prefabricated in our factory so the difficult work has been done for you.
  • Wall panels are fully finished and that includes fitment of cladding, windows and pedestrian doors.
  • Features like bargeboards, fascias and timber trims are all supplied cut to size.
  • Carriage house oak entrance frames are morticed and tenoned. Joints are prepared and 19mm oak pegs are provided. Each frame is trial assembled before dispatch.
  • Roof trusses are fully fabricated and gables are clad.
  • All components that arrive with our prefabricated garages are labelled and easily identifiable. 


PLEASE NOTE: Roof tiles are not included and should be ordered from your local roofing contractor. There is no special equipment needed beyond carpentry hand tools and a hammer drill for ground anchoring. 

The flat-pack ready made timber garage and carriage house kits are perfectly suitable for assembly by competent DIY enthusiasts or a local builder. 


Modular Self Build Timber Frame Cart Lodges, Carports & Timber Garage Kits


Modular Prefab Timber Framed Garage Kit Prices 

Our timber framed garage kit prices depend on what exactly you require for your new building. But as a guide, for a single, wooden garage kit with no additional features, the price starts at £3,574.00 excluding VAT. For a large, double garage kit (6.0m x 6.0m), ready for tiling, prices are from £7,734.00 exclduing VAT. 

Timber frame garages are a more affordable alternative to brick and a full oak-framed Carriage House is likely to cost two or three times as much. Plus, there is no loss of quality and they are a valuable addition to any property. 

You can choose the size of garage kit you need and price it up, using our garage and carriage house kit calculators below

Click here to use our prefabricated timber garage kit calculator

Click here to use our prefabricated carriage house kit calculator.


Preparation: Things you must do before you can erect your self-assembly garage kit

You’ll need a solid concrete base in place for the new building. We recommend that you talk to at least two local groundworks contractors to understand exactly what is required. 

A detailed foundation drawing will be sent out with order confirmation paperwork. If the base is level and square the kit will go together like clockwork.

We also suggest that you independently check the base for levels and dimensional accuracy long before delivery is due should any remedial work be needed. The foundation needs to be ready at least a week before delivery of your build it yourself garage kit.

In some cases an alternative design may be necessary or it may be possible to re-use an existing foundation. If you are planning to do this, it is important to discuss this with us first.


Delivery of your timber frame garage kit 

We will deliver your garage kit to the nearest point of convenience to your foundation. The driver is likely to be on his own so please provide him with assistance to unload. If something is not clear in the itemised packing list and comprehensive erecting instructions, we are able to offer telephone assistance so don’t hesitate to call. 

If you are not erecting your timber frame garage kit immediately, then we recommend that it is stacked on bearers and covered with a tarpaulin to protect it against weather damage.

Passmores prefab garage kits have been purchased and successfully erected by hundreds of satisfied customers across the UK.  

"Your assembly instructions were excellent. My modular timber garage kit was 100% complete and it took my builder and me less than two days to erect it. I couldn’t be happier" - Mr. D. Leicestershire


Passmores – the trusted name in timber garages

Passmores is a trusted family business that started more than 100 years ago. In the 1950s, the demand for stables, garages and cricket pavilions took off and many of the designs we use today can be traced back to that era.

Over the years our prefabricated product designs have been refined and improved and we now offer a wide range of timber frame garages and garden buildings.

All Passmore prefabricated garage kits are individually manufactured in the UK by our team of skilled staff in our workshop. Our timber mill is able to produce all our specialist requirements in-house by trained staff, under careful supervision, using modern woodworking machinery.


Sustainability and sourcing of timber 

Our Timber Garage Kits are made from sustainable timber

Remember, when you choose a prefab garage kit from Passmores you are actively helping keep forests alive by opting for a building made of sustainable timber. We are part of an environmentally managed forestry scheme in Sweden that plants two new trees for every tree used. 

Forests are natural carbon sinks and producers of oxygen which means ensuring they are full and thriving has major benefits for the environment and global warming. All the wood we use in Passmores build your own garage kits comes from this sustainable scheme. 

Timber is also the only truly renewable construction material on the planet. It is becoming more popular in building construction over traditional steel and concrete because of its environmental benefits.

We’ve sold our timber garage kits to thousands of satisfied customers across the globe, including many through our partner in New Zealand. If you’re undecided and need more information, check out our Timber Garages Buying Guide here

Timber garages truly are a win-win.  Plus, they look great. But we would say that wouldn’t we?

Need something a little smaller? Check out our prefab timber sheds and workshops here.