Quality timber triple garages

Quality timber triple garages

British Made Wooden Triple Garages

3-Bay Timber Garages and Carriage Houses by Passmores - Over 110 years of building heritage

Passmores is the UK’s leading timber garden building and wooden garage manufacturer. We have been crafting long-lasting timber outbuildings of the highest quality since 1909. Our product range includes timber clad Wooden Garages (single, double & 3-bay), Carriage HousesOpen Barn GaragesSports PavilionsEquestrian Buildings, and Garden Sheds.

3 bay timber garage


Triple Garages made from ethically sourced timber

As well as our popular single and double timber garages, we produce beautiful triple bay wooden garages from the best quality timber. We source it from Redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) through a premium quality timber manufacturer in Northern Sweden. When you choose a Passmores 3-bay wooden garage, you can be confident it will be built to last and of an exceptionally high standard. 

Furthermore, we don't just care about the quality of our products, but about the environment as well. Much of the timber we use is ethically harvested to protect the forests. For every tree that is felled another two are planted, a method that guarantees the forests remain abundant.

3 Bay Timber Garages that are versatile and built to last

All our timber triple garages are built in the UK, which ensures our quality control is first class. Whether you need a larger space to park more everyday vehicles, safely protect your classic car from the elements or want to have a 3-bay garage with a workshop, there is the option for you. The triple garage size allows ample room for vehicles, as well as garden machinery or as a space to store tools.

Our garages are designed in-house, and hand-made in our factory in Rochester, Kent. We also sell prefabricated timber single and double timber garage kits as well as prefab kits for triple carriage houses. These are available for customers who are keen to try assembling their own timber garage either as a DIY project or with their local builder.

If this isn’t something you’re interested in, we have a team of professional builders ready to deliver your single, double or 3 car wooden garage and construct it for you.



Triple bay wooden garage



Design & Customise your Triple Garage

We have a wide array of finishes for your 3 car garage roof to match your home and preferred design. You can choose from natural slate tiles, red roman roof tiles or handmade clay roof tiles. You can also select the pitch of the roof and choose the door and window options.

If you are searching for an open-fronted building, then why not check out our range of Open Barns and Carriage Houses. These are a slightly different style and give you the flexibility of having an open car bay with enclosed space alongside.

You could also opt for a 3-bay garage workshop, such is the versatility of our wooden garage range. For more about triple garage costs and inspiration, check out our Wooden Garage Design Gallery.

Look for more inspiration? Why not check out our customer, Mr Berwick, who recently purchased one of our 3-bay carriage houses and is using it for a workshop and storage for his classic cars.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need planning permission for a triple garage in the UK?

Under UK triple garage plannign laws, wooden garages are categorised as outbuildings. Whether you need planning permssion hinges on the size of the triple garage you want, how high it is and where you plan to put it. 

The regulations that cover outbuildings are the same as those that apply to other outside buildings like greenhouses or sheds. Most do not require permission from the local authority unless your home is a listed propery or in a conservation area. For more on planning permission for a wooden triple garage, check out our blog here

Triple garage cost, style, and pricing for the UK

For more information, find our triple garage pricing here, and download our garage brochure. You can also estimate the cost of your timber triple garage and build your own using our pricing calculator, or you can call us directly to learn more about the options available for your triple garage. 

How many cars can I fit in a triple bay garage?

You can comfortably fit three standard-sized cars in a triple bay garage. It also depends on the size of your cars, but people typically fit three cars in a triple bay garage. Of course, if you have a Range Rover or similar (which is common), this will limit the door space to some degree. We suggest reviewing the measurements on our garage calculator page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01634 290033. 


What is the best size for a triple bay garage?

The recommended (and most popular) size for a triple car garage is 24×24. Unless you are buying a prefabricated triple garage kit, we can work with you on designing and building a triple garage to your unique specifications.


Do triple bay garages have concrete flooring?

We can work whatever type of flooring you would like in your triple bay garage that is in line with the aesthetic of your home. Many clients opt for concrete or tile flooring that they have installed through a specialist company. We then install the garage on top of the flooring.


How long do triple bay garages last?


Passmores triple bay garages are built to last. We only work with the finest timber, ethically sourced from sustainable forests in Sweden. When you choose Passmores for your triple bay garages, you get what you pay for. You can expect your timber triple bay garage to be a feature of your home for decades to come. We recently had a customer contact us who had just bought a property with a 30+ year old Passmores garage, asking to add another one to their property.


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Create your own timber garage in just 5 minutes

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