For decades we have been proud to work with some of the most prestigious schools across the country, bringing them garages, stables, sports pavilions, classrooms and changing rooms. We have been trusted by them to produce premium quality timber buildings that will stand the test of time and be loved by generations of students. 


One such school we have been lucky enough to work with is Wellington College, located in Berkshire. Wellington College has set a precedent for excellence in the academic world, just as we have set a similar precedent for excellence in every timber building we manufacture. 

What we did for Wellington College

Over the years Wellington College have ordered a cricket pavilion, a spacious timber shed that they turned into a soundproof music room, a large timber building used by their shooting club as well as a number of Garages, Carriage Houses and Workshops around the school site.


Each building was designed with Wellington College’s requirements in mind. We worked hard to create a cohesive set of timber buildings that would blend seamlessly in with their stunning grounds.

Once the buildings were delivered and built by our expert team of craftsmen and engineers, the school took matters into their own hands and customised the buildings to best fit their needs. The way they have utilised our timber buildings highlights just how versatile a quality-made timber shed can be. The possibilities are just about endless (also see our recent virtual golf studio project), and we are always happy to work with our clients to create a building that best suits their needs.