At Passmores, we take pride in our quality timber garages, sheds and garden buildings.  All our products are built with care and craftsmanship. This has always been the case, ever since the business started in 1909. 

There is no better testament to Passmores quality than this 50-year-old Passmores shed still standing in Meopham, in the South-east of England.  

We were recently contacted by a lady whose father was a chicken farmer back in the 1960’s, and who purchased the above shed for just 7 pounds (in old money). 

She inherited the chicken farm from her father, who sadly passed away, and after moving in noticed a sturdy shed, on the property. Still standing tall, and having stood the test of time, she discovered that it was a Passmores shed, thanks to the original metal plaque. What’s more, she even found the original receipt and paperwork reading ‘Passmores Ltd for a “Shed for Chickens” dated 1969’.

This shed had withstood everything thrown at it, includiing the famous 'UK Great Storm' of 1987!

Timber Shed Name Plaque

After seeing the quality of the shed, the lady is now a customer herself, having ordered a Passmores Carriage House as a further addition to her farm. 

When investing in a Passmores timber building, you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment. Our quality, ethically sourced materials are some of the very best on the market, and the handywork of our expert craftsmen, combined with over 100 years’ worth of experience ensure your building will last for years to come.