Location: Cambridge

Timber buildings purchased: The customer purchased a custom timber 2-bay carriage house with side workshop  that would serve as storage for a classic car, as well as for garden machinery and an added workshop space. 


The slate roof is custom designed to match the main house and the style of buildings in the area, to make sure that the timber building fits seamlessly into the landscape.


This bespoke timber building we installed for a customer in Cambridge was an interesting job, as the building was a long way from the house. Therefore, it was without a power supply. The agreed upon solution was that the client would have solar panels installed on the roof of his timber garden building, which meant that the roof had to accommodate the weight of the solar panels to provide sufficient electricity.


This did not prove to be an issue, as any of our standard roof structures are designed to be able to take the additional weight of solar panels without the need for structural upgrades. We design and build all our timber garage buildings to exceptionally high standards, with the understanding that many of our clients will want to make modifications or additions to their timber garage. 

The customer was able to have solar panels installed on his timber garden building, and was therefore able to power his workshop.