At Passmores, we are proud of our British manufacturing expertise. We work hard to ensure every aspect of our design and manufacturing process is executed to the highest possible standard, in accordance with what you would expect from a company that creates goods made in Britain. 

All our premium timber products are manufactured in our Kent workshop with precision by our skilled team of carpenters. We are proud  to be accredited by Made in Britain, a distinguished mark which unites and reflects the quality of the British manufacturing community, and helps companies with exporting their goods abroad.

To qualify for Made in Britain accreditation, Passmores has met the following criteria: 

  • We are a British registered company

  • Our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Great Britain 

  • 80% of our value chain is within Great Britain. (This does not include our raw materials, which is timber sourced from a sustainable forest in Northern Sweden.)

Customers that choose Passmores timber products can rest assured knowing not only that their timber garages were designed and manufactured in Britain, but that they are investing in premium quality timber goods that will stand the test of time. 

By stamping our products with the Made in Britain logo, we assure our customers that when they invest in Passmores, their investment is worthwhile.