Looking after the Environment

Here at Passmores we all acknowledge that we have a duty to minimise our impact on the environment. We look constantly for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, cut down on waste and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

It's not easy being green but we work hard at it and we are succeeding in nearly every area of our business, from our delivery vehicles to the way that we heat our factory.

Plastic packaging is the modern day scourge and we make every effort to minimise the amount used in our processes. Building components are delivered unwrapped and protective sheeting re-used or recycled. Our suppliers have to meet exacting packaging standards. We bulk buy to avoid blister packed or shrink wrapped materials or subassemblies.

Energy Conservation

What we once considered waste is now the fuel that heats our factory. We turn our wood waste into energy by reducing scrap timber and offcuts into chippings which are fed into an automatic system which produces warm air to heat the factory. This was developed for Passmores by Ranheat Engineering Limited, and is believed to be the first of a new generation of environmentally friendly heating systems.The impact of this is twofold. It saves us 3,000 litres of heating oil a month during winter. And it means 40 cubic metres of wood waste is no longer going to landfill each month.It's a process that not only helps the environment, it saves money, helping us to keep prices down.

Transport can be a major polluter. But Passmores modern fleet of delivery vehicles all meet the exacting Euro Five or Six Emissions Standard. All the trucks are fitted with speed limiters, keeping down fuel consumption and emissions and our delivery staff are trained to drive with the utmost responsibility